Comic Review: Soppy


I received this book free from NetGalley and Andrews McMeel Publishing as an advanced reader copy.

I think anyone who’s ever been in one knows that relationships are funny, and though I don’t talk much about mine on here, it certainly is a strange and wonderful thing. I just read Soppy the collected comics of Philippa Rice, which happen to be based on her real life relationship with her boyfriend. These little comics are incredibly cute and telling of just how silly, sweet and sometimes trying life with a significant other can be.

As I read through Soppy I was amazed at how much I giggled and nodded at the sweet little comics depicting everyday life in a committed relationship. It’s funny how much things can change when you live with someone full time, and Philippa Rice finds a cute way to discuss that. All of the comics show the sometimes mundane moments we share with our significant others everyday; those moments we don’t even think about, but those that ultimately mark the most important moments in our lives. They’re the real moments, the times when we figure out how to live together and love one another, despite our differences. We have to enjoy the time we have together, my boyfriend and I especially since his schedule as a police officer is often unpredictable.

Honestly, Soppy is one of the cutest comics I’ve ever read, and I found myself hoping for more as I read it. I sincerely didn’t want it to end! I see now how Philippa Rice’s comics became so popular on Tumblr, because they truly show the sweetest moments in life, even though we sometimes overlook them as being boring or too typical. If you love cute things, you need to pick up Soppy!


Comic Review: The Wraith



I received this book free from NetGalley, IDW Publishing and Diamond Book Distributors as an advanced reader copy.

As a lover of horror in all forms, I was incredibly excited to read Joe Hill’s The Wraith. This graphic novel is about the iconic NOS4A2 character Charles Talent Manx, and while for those of us who have already read NOS4A2 this work is a nice addition to a great novel, it’s also a stand alone piece of comic horror that anyone can appreciate. As we near Halloween, this is my top suggestion for a fantastically scary graphic novel.

In The Wraith we get to see many aspects of serial killer Charlie Manx’s childhood and history, which give clear insight into his spiral into the ultimately horrific character of NOS4A2 fame. This comic adaptation of Manx’s Christmasland is a horrifying and gruesome look into the mind and imagination of a psychopath and it blends Joe Hill’s incredible story telling with C. P. Wilson III’s patented brand of art. Wilson brings to life the ghoul-like Manx and his ghastly children as they torture and terrorize a group of adults, who happen to be characters from NOS4A2. They have none too clean backgrounds of their own, which is why perhaps they’ve ended up in Christmasland, with Charles Manx and his children as their judge, jury and executioner.

The Wraith is a great graphic novel for anyone who enjoys a good scary story, and trust me, you don’t have to know or have read NOS4A2 to understand or enjoy it. Grab it now before Halloween passes us by – it’s nice and scary and definitely a good read to get you in the mood for some tricks and treats.

Operation Gratitude – Halloween candy for the troops & fundraising for no sew blankets


All year long I’m busy writing letters and sending care packages to our troops overseas as a member of Soldiers’ Angels, and as an advocate for Operation Gratitude. Now that it’s September and we’ll soon be rolling into the holiday season, I thought it was a good time to talk about the work these charity organizations do, and my efforts to support them. 

Every Halloween, Operation Gratitude collects candy and treats, as well as letters to send to our troops serving overseas. It’s a fun event I try to promote by getting my coworkers, friends and family involved, and now I’m reaching out to my internet family. These troops are incredibly far away from their family at a time of year when we’re all starting to come together for Thanksgiving and eventually Christmas, and this is a wonderful way to just brighten up their experience. Put a smile on their faces because they’re serving to keep our country safe. I always encourage even more than the donations of candy, the writing of letters to these brave people, as I know they love to hear from all of us back at home. Even just a few sentences remind our heroes that we haven’t forgotten about them, and that we are thankful for the sacrifices they’re making. This year I really want to send a huge box filled with candy and letters of thanks and support to Operation Gratitude, and I hope you’ll think about helping me with that.


As we turn our thoughts to the upcoming holiday season (and I know I’m early, but I’ve got to start somewhere lol) I want to let you guys know about another project that I’ve been working on for the last year. In my hardly crafty state, I have been making no sew blankets to send to the troops overseas as well as their families here at home for Christmas. These blankets lend a touch of home to the troops and remind their families that we’re thankful for the sacrifices they and their loved ones are making, especially if they won’t be home for the holidays. Each blanket costs me about $40 to make, so this holiday season, I started a GoFundMe for my project, to see if I could get some donations, and really make a lot more blankets this Christmas than I would be able to fun on my own. Trust me when I tell you, the look on a child’s face when they get one of these blankets because their mom or dad is serving overseas, or the letters of thanks I’ve received from troops who have gotten these blankets are more than enough thanks for the work and money we put in. Please help me, and be a part of an awesome Christmas for someone who truly deserves it. 

If you’re interested at all in any of these efforts, and want more information, please feel free to leave a comment below, or email me at

There’s this thing called loneliness


There is this thing called loneliness that I have come to know very well in my life. It started early, but it was not a scary loneliness – it was welcomed, and quite and comfortable. Now though the loneliness is dark and overwhelming and sometimes comes in waves that I cannot control. Most of the time it comes with panic attacks, and it feels so heavy that I cannot breathe. I don’t know how to fix it, though there are people who can keep the loneliness at bay.

My boyfriend is one of them, though I could never have guessed how hard it would be to be the girlfriend of a police officer. Anyone who has been in a relationship with a LEO knows the hardships they face, and the ones we face with them and by ourselves. There are so many days and nights that we spend alone, ruined plans weekend after weekend because of shifts that run over or mandatory overtime. They’re emotionally and physically drained from everything they deal with day in and day out, and we are too from dealing with the aftermath. Yet we learn to be strong, we learn to be independent and cherish the little bits and pieces of time that we do get with them. We kiss them hard every morning or night and remember that they’re out there being strong for everyone else, and that we have to be strong for them.

There are times that I feel incredibly alone being a police officer’s girlfriend, but there are some wonderful resources for us. National Police Wives Association is an awesome resource for anyone involved with a LEO, whether you’re a family member, wife or girlfriend. I always enjoy reading questions posed by new members and adding my voice to the many answers. I never hesitate to offer my friendship or shoulder to someone seeking help, especially in those situations. And I am here to offer the same thing – if any LEO wife, girlfriend, etc needs to talk or just vent I am always here. I’ll give you my email or phone number, because I know how lonely and difficult it can be. Us girls have to stick together!

To the best guy I’ve ever known

To the best guy I've ever known

You showed me that cool has many definitions, but that the main one is you. Taught me that men can and should talk to their daughters, and that crying isn’t just for girls. You practiced karate with me until my muscles ached, and then you hugged me whether I won those trophies or not. There was never a moment that I doubted you were proud of me, no matter what path I chose. You’re the best man I’ve ever known, the first man I ever loved, and the only person who has never once let me down. Thanks for being my dad.