So you want to know about Morgtini? Well for starters, my name is Morgan and I’m a 26 year old woman living around Philadelphia, a city I enjoy hanging out in from time to time. Clearly I enjoy reading and writing quite a lot, but my other interests include getting tattoos, doing little crafty things, road-tripping, and doing a lot of other totally nerdy things. Reading and writing are my first and biggest passions; they are how I escape from the stress of our big, crazy world and writing in particular is a way I can express myself more deeply than other forms of communication. Truthfully, I’m a big nerd who loves pop culture and all things of the like. I watch horror movies like it’s my job, read comics until I can’t hold my eyes open anymore and cosplay like a boss. Past characters I’ve coplayed include Alex Delarge from A Clockwork Orange, American McGee’s Alice, Calie from the Zenescope Wonderland series, Sookie from True Blood, and Alice from Alice in Wonderland, among others. I’m always planning new costumes and currently in the works I have Fionna from Adventure Time, Harley Quinn, and Daria. I love cartoons like X-Men, Adventure Time, My Little Pony and others, and I’m obsessed with Hello Kitty. I am also a huge fan of anything and everything Alice in Wonderland, especially American McGee’s Alice and Zenescope’s Wonderland series.

I am very much in love with my boyfriend, with whom I live and have so much fun, even though his job as a police officer makes life hard sometimes. We enjoy road-tripping together and discovering little places to eat and drink that are off the beaten path. Dive bars are totally our thing and I’ve gotten him into drinking and trying all different kinds of ciders. In my sometimes anxiety ridden world, he makes everything calm and quiet, and there aren’t a lot of people I can say who do that.

Ultimately, I’m just a regular girl with some weird interests who’s been lucky enough to have some really cool people (and yes, I mean each and every one of you) read my blog and like my crazy ramblings about the things I love!


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