Comic Review: The Wraith



I received this book free from NetGalley, IDW Publishing and Diamond Book Distributors as an advanced reader copy.

As a lover of horror in all forms, I was incredibly excited to read Joe Hill’s The Wraith. This graphic novel is about the iconic NOS4A2 character Charles Talent Manx, and while for those of us who have already read NOS4A2 this work is a nice addition to a great novel, it’s also a stand alone piece of comic horror that anyone can appreciate. As we near Halloween, this is my top suggestion for a fantastically scary graphic novel.

In The Wraith we get to see many aspects of serial killer Charlie Manx’s childhood and history, which give clear insight into his spiral into the ultimately horrific character of NOS4A2 fame. This comic adaptation of Manx’s Christmasland is a horrifying and gruesome look into the mind and imagination of a psychopath and it blends Joe Hill’s incredible story telling with C. P. Wilson III’s patented brand of art. Wilson brings to life the ghoul-like Manx and his ghastly children as they torture and terrorize a group of adults, who happen to be characters from NOS4A2. They have none too clean backgrounds of their own, which is why perhaps they’ve ended up in Christmasland, with Charles Manx and his children as their judge, jury and executioner.

The Wraith is a great graphic novel for anyone who enjoys a good scary story, and trust me, you don’t have to know or have read NOS4A2 to understand or enjoy it. Grab it now before Halloween passes us by – it’s nice and scary and definitely a good read to get you in the mood for some tricks and treats.


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