Comic Review: Soppy


I received this book free from NetGalley and Andrews McMeel Publishing as an advanced reader copy.

I think anyone who’s ever been in one knows that relationships are funny, and though I don’t talk much about mine on here, it certainly is a strange and wonderful thing. I just read Soppy the collected comics of Philippa Rice, which happen to be based on her real life relationship with her boyfriend. These little comics are incredibly cute and telling of just how silly, sweet and sometimes trying life with a significant other can be.

As I read through Soppy I was amazed at how much I giggled and nodded at the sweet little comics depicting everyday life in a committed relationship. It’s funny how much things can change when you live with someone full time, and Philippa Rice finds a cute way to discuss that. All of the comics show the sometimes mundane moments we share with our significant others everyday; those moments we don’t even think about, but those that ultimately mark the most important moments in our lives. They’re the real moments, the times when we figure out how to live together and love one another, despite our differences. We have to enjoy the time we have together, my boyfriend and I especially since his schedule as a police officer is often unpredictable.

Honestly, Soppy is one of the cutest comics I’ve ever read, and I found myself hoping for more as I read it. I sincerely didn’t want it to end! I see now how Philippa Rice’s comics became so popular on Tumblr, because they truly show the sweetest moments in life, even though we sometimes overlook them as being boring or too typical. If you love cute things, you need to pick up Soppy!


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