Book Review: The Alignment by Kay Camden

Book Review: The Alignment by Kay Camden

I received this book free from Goodreads First Reads and Kay Camden as an advanced reader copy.

What a roller coaster ride The Alignment by Kay Camden was! I was not expecting so much action when I first dove into this book, but boy was I surprised by what I found. Liv Gilchrist, a woman who we later find out has left her home after the death of her daughter moves from Chicago to Black River, Montana in search of a new beginning. She seems like she’s running from something, but we don’t know what at the outset. Enter Trey Bevan, bad boy with a chip on his shoulder the size of Florida, who happens to run a red light and smack straight into Liv only a few days after she’s moved to town. Trey couldn’t be more cold towards her and strangely enough, just being in close proximity to him makes Liv physically ill. They both think they’ll only have to deal with one another until her car is fixed and then they can move on from the uncomfortable interactions they seem to keep having, but the universe has other plans. As fate would have it, Trey’s life intersects with Liv’s when her house is broken into, and he basically takes her hostage in his home for her own safety. Her sickness continues despite his best efforts to make her comfortable, and his agitation with her grows into thoughts of eventually having to kill her. One run in with some unnamed men who seem to constantly be attacking Trey changes everything though, and somehow they both wake up with very different feelings for one another. Liv saves Trey’s life and realizes that she suddenly doesn’t hate him so much and somehow Trey realizes the same. It is after this event that Trey feels he must tell Liv about his many secrets, secrets that include him being from an ancient bloodline. All hell breaks loose from there, as Liv is thrust into Trey’s lifestyle head first, learning from him how to fight properly and shoot a gun. They’re soon on the road to the source of all Trey’s problems, where yet more secrets are revealed to them both, some almost expected, some definitely shocking. We’re left hanging on the very last page, setting up book 2 in this action packed series.

This book really held my attention from the very first page. There were so many questions that got answered along the way, and still some things I wondered about up until the very end, making this book an intriguing read that I couldn’t wait to get through. Trey and Liv were well developed characters who I found myself really liking by the end, despite their emotional states sometimes bordering on manic, and their interactions sometimes being like those of moody teenagers. I don’t typically like books written in first person, but I think Camden really did a nice job with it, and the transitions between Trey and Liv were smooth and clear. The cliffhanger ending definitely makes me want to grab the second book as soon as it comes out so I can find out what happens to these two – I’m invested, and isn’t that what every author is striving for? I would highly recommend The Alignment by Kay Camden to those of you who are looking for a good sci-fi novel with a hint of romance thrown in. If you like being surprised, this is definitely a book for you and it will keep you questioning until the last moment!


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