Book Review: Half A King by Joe Abercrombie

Book Review: Half A King by Joe Abercrombie

I received this book free from NetGalley and Random House Publishing as an advanced reader copy.

The son who was never supposed to rule is thrust onto the throne, his dreams shattered and the best laid plans of everyone else scattered. But in this world as his mother tells him, “I put aside my feelings and did my duty. So must you.” and so prince Yarvi does. He is ill-prepared for his new duties as king, but his time in the service of the Black Chair is short, his vows of vengeance turned from their original target to someone much closer. Surprises around every corner, Yarvi struggles through the months after his betrayal, but gains much knowledge and strength and some new found friends. More than anything he learns to trust in himself and others, and becomes a man his family can be proud of. The life he wanted and the life he is thrust into become a tangled mess, and Yarvi learns that sometimes what we want and what we need are two vastly different things. He comes of age in a few short months that seem to last a lifetime, but is all the better for the hardships he endures, even garnering the admiration of someone he never thought possible. Yarvi learns what the true meaning of family is, which is absolutely a lesson we can all benefit from.

I could not believe how much I loved this novel! I’ve never read any of Joe Abercrombie’s work before this but Half A King was well worth my time. The world building is fantastic, the characters are multifaceted and relatable and the story itself is incredible. There were so many twists and turns, and so much action that I found this book hard to put down, which as any reader knows is sometimes a hard quality to find. I would absolutely recommend Half A King to lovers of scifi and readers from young adult to adult. This book is a quick read and with surprises galore even into the last chapter, I cannot wait to see what else Abercrombie has in store for Yarvi and the rest of the characters in the Shattered Sea series.


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