Book Review: Let The Tornado Come by Rita Zoey Chin

Book Review: Let The Tornado Come by Rita Zoey Chin

I received this book free from NetGalley and Simon and Schuster as an advanced reader copy.

Let The Tornado Come is a beautifully written, thought provoking novel that anyone can relate to. Rita Zoey Chin delivers a raw look back at her own life that is simultaneously sad and triumphant and left me wanting more of her insight and wisdom. Her narrative voice spoke to me in a way that few authors have been able to, and I felt a kinship with her as she journeyed through her childhood on into adulthood, a solemn creature who knew the fragility and weight of joy. You feel the sweetness of her highs and the weight of her lows as Chin navigates between a sudden anxiety disorder and learning to ride the horse that soothes her fears. She recreates the soaring feeling of cantering with her words alone, and describes the one of a kind relationship you can only have with an animal. As a horse lover myself, it made my heart swell to read that someone else could feel so strongly and so similarly about them and it is amazing to hear the healing qualities of even the smallest things they do. And, as a sufferer of an anxiety disorder, Chin’s writing filled me with a sense of hope that if someone else can suffer so badly and overcome it, then I can continue to push through my own struggles. This intriguing, intricately written novel wraps itself around you and cradles you in its arms; it made me cry, laugh and sigh all in the same breath and it reminded me of the redemptive qualities of love in all of its many forms.

I would honestly recommend this book to anyone – if you’ve ever felt alone in a room full of people, if you’ve had a parent abandon you, if you’ve ever loved something so much it hurts, or even if you haven’t experienced any of these things, you need to read Let The Tornado Come. I cannot wait to see what other things Rita Zoey Chin releases out into the world; her narrative voice is strong and lyrical and I hope she continues to publish not only fiction, but poetry. I love when a book can remind you that there are other people out there in the world like you, when a book can make you feel something you haven’t felt before, or reaffirm your hope that things happen for a reason. If you take nothing else away from this book, take this: “Yet despite the fear and sadness and shame I carried, hope kept sprouting up like weeds in the cracks, taking root inside me.” Let that hope grow my friends, nurture it, surround yourself with people who will also nurture it and never forget that you are beautiful no matter where your life has led you. No one can take away your hope, it is a part of you and this book is a beautiful example of that truth.


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