Book Review: Sidekick by Auralee Wallace

Book Review: Sidekick by Auralee Wallace

I received this book free from NetGalley, Harlequin Enterprises Australia and Escape Publishing as an advanced reader copy.

This was a book I was incredibly excited to read, and it absolutely did not disappoint! As promised, this novel was very reminiscent of the comic Kickass, but with even more kick ass females. At the open of Sidekick we meet Bremy St. James, a former socialite who’s given up her life of luxury because of something horrible her father has done. She is a twin, and though she loves her sister deeply Bremy has left physically disabled Jenny behind to try and start a life for them outside of their father’s grasp. Their communication is minimal because Bremy has not told Jenny about their father, and really for the first time in her life, is trying to make it on her own. She’s not having a very easy go of it, never having had a job or even really to life a finger outside of shopping with daddy’s credit cards. Bremy is out of place with no friends and no real prospects when she drains her bank account to pay rent and ends up one of many victims of a bank robbery. The Sultana and her carnival of creeps takes over the bank, guns blazing and odd talents shinning and they make quite a scene. Before making their getaway Bremy makes herself known in defense of an older woman, and though the Sultana seems to recognize her, she does nothing. The city’s lauded super hero Dark Ryder is nowhere to be found during the robbery, and as Bremy exits the bank she runs into a handsome reporter named Pierce who nearly sweeps her off her feet. Not long after this fateful incident The Sultana and her crew make another much bigger showing at a street carnival that Bremy just happens to be passing through. This time Dark Ryder shows up just as Bremy is clumsily trying to save a small child that the Sultana is dangling from a high height. It’s after Ryder saves Bremy’s life that the girl realizes she wants to be a hero herself, and that there may be a connection between her father and these villains. She bungles Ryder’s getaway from the carnival then walks for miles without shoes to find the woman at her secret lair. Bremy throws herself at Ryder’s feet and begs to be her apprentice, and the hero eventually gives her a chance. Bremy’s bumbling antics continue through her dates with Pierce and her interactions with Ryder and everyone else she comes in contact with. Ultimately the girl finds herself with knowledge of her father’s intentions and she must make a decision about whether she wants to hide and do nothing, or take a stand and be the hero she should be. Her feelings towards her father and sister come to a head as the family and she clashes with the help of her newfound friends and the author leaves us wanting to know more about Dark Ryder’s new strange Sidekick.

I cannot say enough good things about this novel! It was a quick, easy read and definitely enjoyable for many reasons. I love a good book about strong female characters, especially one who finds herself with the help of friends and realizes all the things she thought were holding her back were ultimately empowering her. Bremy, though she starts out as a ‘bunny’ absolutely transforms into a tigress who uses her lack of skills to do the best she can. I would recommend this book to people, especially teens and women who enjoy comics and graphic novels and those of you who like kick ass female lead characters. This was a real girl power book, and I loved it. Sidekick is a fun little romp of a novel and I can’t wait to see what else Auralee Wallace has in store for these characters.


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