Book Review: The Horse Whisperer by Nicholas Evans

Book Review: The Horse Whisperer by Nicholas Evans

What a great book this is, not only for horse lovers, but for anyone who loves a good story of family and the intricate, sometimes tumultuous relationships held within. I was afraid at first that this book would focus too heavily on the romantic relationship between Annie and Tom, and not enough on Annie and Grace or Grace’s relationship with her horse Pilgrim, but that is not the case. You get the entire picture of Grace’s sadness and struggle through her mother’s eyes and you really get a great feel for the hardships Grace faces as an accident surviver and amputee, being a teenage girl to boot. I felt like the relationship between her and Annie was very realistic, especially Grace’s animosity towards her mother for various reasons (real and imagined). I also thought the relationship, however distant it becomes between Grace and her husband, was well done and not too vicious or nonchalant (which sometime happens when spouses in books find out about their significant others’ feelings for someone else). Evans describes beautifully the pain and healing through which every character in the book must go, Even Tom himself, who seems so steely and unbreakable at some points and shows us the redemptive qualities of not only animals, but of love in its many forms. This novel is not just a simple romance story, but something much more, which I believe almost anyone can relate to in some form or another. The Horse Whisperer is a fantastic novel that while at turns can be predictable, is certainly overall a wonderful picture of love, loss and healing.


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