What do you do when you’re favorite item breaks?

What do you do when you're favorite item breaks?

I’ve been shopping on Etsy for handmade goods for quite some time now, and about 90% of my favorite jewelry has come from one shop or another. Like anyone else, when I find something I love, I tend to wear it to death and that can sometimes lead to items breaking, even after a short amount of time (for one reason or another). What I’ve found in these situations is shop owners who are more than willing than send you a replacement at little (just shipping) or no cost. The reason why I love Etsy so much is because many of the sellers I buy from are small business owners who work by themselves and create awesome, one of a kind pieces. It’s also part of the reason why I created this blog, to give these hardworking individuals at least a little bit of their due. Both Kelley Inman of InsteadofZzs (anchor earrings) and Kyri of littlejarofhearts (feather bracelet) proved to be fantastic sellers when I let them know that my favorite pieces from them had broken. They were both quick to respond and try to fix the problem and ultimately it left me feeling not only wonderfully happy to have my favorite items restored to their former splendor, but that I could depend even more on these lovely women to make not only good products, but stand behind them. I really like to feel as though I can trust the people that I’m buying from, and Kelley and Kyri definitely established that for me, not only by being some of the first sellers I bought from on Etsy, but also by being the kindest and most upfront in their helpfulness.


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