Khols – LC Lauren Conrad & Candies steals

Khols - LC Lauren Conrad & Candies steals

Kohl’s is a great store to find any kind of clothing you might be searching for, but I especially love going there and searching through their clearance racks for awesome finds. This past week I managed to get a silky mint green shirt with pearl and crystal details by Candies (originally $30) for $12, and a super cute, super soft black blazer by LC Lauren Conrad (originally $70) for $14! Sometimes I’m amazed at the sales I can find, and honestly I rarely do it any other way. There are so many good deals out there if you only take the time to look for them. It can actually be really fun, at least as long as you don’t have something terribly specific you’re trying to find, because then that can just be discouraging. At any rate, Khols is my go to for cute, business and even casual wear especially for those of us who like to keep it classy and stylish on a budget.


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