Zenned Out – uplifting jewelry for the spirited soul

Zenned Out - uplifting jewelry for the spirited soul

Zenned Out is another shop I found that has beautiful jewelry that is hand stamped. These pieces have an almost ethereal quality to them – they’re refined and creative and just perfect if you’re looking for something a little different. Cassandra is an incredible artist who combines words and pictures to make beautiful designs, and will do just about anything in her power to create that special something for you. She even got a stamp that she didn’t originally have to create a ring for me that I have not taken off since I got it. The pieces in Cassandra’s shop are not only calming, but uplifting and in my opinion, make wonderful gifts. Zenned Out is by far my favorite Etsy shop of late and Cassandra my favorite seller for her kindness and helpfulness in my many requests. Her Facebook page is also amazing with all it’s uplifting, zenned out quotes that are posted daily. I have many pieces sitting in my favorites waiting for me to buy them.


(click the photo to be taken to Zenned Out’s Etsy page!)


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