Motherhood Journey – lovely hand stamped items

Motherhood Journey - lovely hand stamped items

Hand stamped items seem to be growing in popularity on Etsy and I personally think that it’s fantastic. I love the subtle differences in every design, and what different people do with the same old stamps. Motherhood Journey caught my eye while I was searching for someone to make a small charm for a necklace that I wear everyday to honor my LEO boyfriend. Jessica is the only person on Etsy I’ve found who will stamp inside of the traditional badge stamp, which immediately made her my girl. She was so kind and accommodating for such a little request, and even more so when I happened to win a bracelet from her Facebook page a few weeks after. She has a wide variety of not only jewelry, but also keychains and other objects in her shop, and I’m always looking through to find my next buy.

(click the photo to be taken to Motherhood Journey’s Etsy page!)


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